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My Friends’ Place Statement


So well written. Why hinder such a great group of people when you could help them do the job the Government shod be doing.
This White Ribbon Ambassador and fellow ministers are sadly being bullies.

Thank you so much for your support Julie x

I am currently being bullied in Horizon Housing and facing eviction, it has been living hell for my daughter and I. We have nowhere to go. The ministers do not care at all. No one does. It’s easier to remove the target then deal with the gang.

Even though I have been a home owner for years, MFP was the first home that I had had in many. I cried tears of happiness and relief when I was told that they were taking me home, as I knew they meant to my friends place. In my time there I felt safe and this was one of the most vulnerable times of my life. I had been in temporary accommodation waiting on a shelter when MFP offered me a room. It meant not only a place to call home but also that I would be close to my family. As a home owner I am not eligible for government housing, I can’t live at my house, and on top of that I was a physical and emotional mess, so knowing my time wasn’t limited was also a huge relief in what is still a very challenging time. Thank you

Thank you. You are so very welcome, and we are so very proud of you. We really appreciate your support and are so pleased you found what you needed at one of our places. You are amazing, you keep going 🙂 x

Hi, I would like to donate clothing etc but dont know where to take it.
Would you be able to email me with an address please?

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