What We Do

My Friends’ Place is a not for profit organisation providing affordable short-term and emergency accommodation to women who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness as a result of violence or abuse.

The Beginning

The lack of affordable accommodation in Queensland for women leaving abuse was becoming a critical issue. Realising the need for such services, we began planning on how we could respond to that need.

In 2015, our first refuge opened its doors. The five-bedroom home was furnished with donated items from our wonderful community making it a warm, comfortable and safe environment.

Our goal was and continues to be about providing this accommodation and any assistance required to help women move on to the next stage of life.

A further three refuges opened over the next 12 months enabling us to accommodate up to 16 women at a time, plus children accompanying the women in some of our rooms.

The Accommodation

Each home has been lovingly and generously furnished by our local community, making each a beautiful space.

• Private and secure bedrooms
• Shared kitchen, bathroom, dining room, lounge, laundry and outdoor areas
• Small amount of storage space guests’ personal belongings
• Located close to main roads, public transport, local shops, schools and medical services

A contribution towards rent, utilities and internet access is payable. Our fundraising efforts and sponsorship opportunities go directly to offsetting the cost of staying with us so the women can concentrate on rebuilding their lives.

The vast majority of women arrive with very little, if anything at all. We are able to provide clothing, toiletries and food which have been donated by our local community. When the women are ready to move on, we provide them with items they may need in the early stages, until they are on their feet.

Our Friends

Women are able to live independently in our shared accommodation, with support from our volunteers and students.

My Friends’ Place does not have any paid workers.  Our volunteers provide all kinds of support to our guests including making tea, listening, offering practical assistance, supporting, cheerleading, organising and being a confidante.  They also help our guests to connect with appropriate services.