The link between domestic violence and animal abuse is well documented.

My Friends’ Place seeks to enable women who are fleeing domestic violence, abuse or assault, the opportunity to leave these situations with their fur babies.

We have launched a foster program – Pets of My Friends’ Place.


The care and safety of these beloved pets is paramount. Foster carers will be selected through the process of an expression of interest, an application, a phone interview and house check by the Foster Coordinator. Foster carers will sign a foster carer agreement and the animal will be housed for the duration that their owner is in one of our houses.

We are able to accept applications for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and birds. We can also accept applications for more than one animal and animals with special needs.


There are no costs involved for foster carers. Related costs for upkeep are the responsibility of the owner and foster carers will be provided with food, toys and bedding for the pet. There is also the opportunity for the woman to see their pet (only applicable to dogs) in a neutral location at a time specified by the foster carer.

Before entering care, pets will be brought to The Pines Veterinary Clinic where a full consultation will be conducted. This consultation will see the animal receive vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and any other necessary treatment the vet deems appropriate. The woman is responsible for this initial consultation.

Further information can be found on the Resources page.

To enquire about becoming a foster carer, please click here.